Tube Production Line manufacturers  Industrial ss tube mill machine is mainly used in the manufacture of industrial stainless steel pipes, water pipes, natural gas, nuclear power generation pipes, etc. Due to the mature technology of stainless steel welded pipes, seamless pipes have been obtained in many fields (such as chemical, pharmaceutical, winery, petroleum, It is widely used in food, automobile, papermaking, air-conditioning and other industries).
Quick Details
Applicable IndustrialManufacturing plant
After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support, Online support, Spare parts
Pipe MaterialStainless Steel
Production Capacity1m/5min
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Horizontal shaft130mm
Vertical shaft90mm
Tube rangeOD 219- 630mm
Pipe shapeRound/Square/Rect
Useful lifetime40 years
Welding MachinePlasma
Production Process:
Uncoiling, feeding guide, forming, welding, internal welding seam grinding, shaping and sizing, fixing treatment, final sizing, straightening, flaw detection, coding, sizing, cutting, blanking and other continuous forming processes. Fine structure, easy operation, professional manufacturing, high quality.
Service and product advantages锛?/strong>
1. Using CNC equipment parts processing, high product precision;
2. The machine is sturdy and durable, and the maintenance rate is small;
3. Fully automatic, simple operation, continuous production, high efficiency;
4. The tube making speed is 15% faster than the peers, and the output is high;
5. The production cost is low, the material waste is less, and the pipe yield can reach more than 98%;
6. We have professional designers and planners to customize different solutions for each of our customers with different requirements,And to help customers make more reasonable suggestions for production line layout and production management.
7. Provide technical documents and technical support for mechanical installation, maintenance, operation, etc.
8. Provide machinery-related transportation information, be responsible for cargo loading and handling transportation related procedures, and always pay attention to cargo safety and logistics information.
9. In terms of after-sales service, we have 5 professional after-sales service teams, all of whom have more than 10 years of manufacturing and adjusting machines. They are responsible for the installation, debugging and after-sales service of the domestic and foreign machines we sell. They can deal with problems with a timely manner. Good guarantees for the normal production of customers.
10. Provide product warranty for one year (within the scope of equipment warranty, man-made damage is not guaranteed, and vulnerable parts are not guaranteed); provide paid services after the warranty period.Tube Production Line manufacturers