ChinaCouplingSuppliers  The characteristics of the China Manufactory NM Spider Coupling:
1. It is small in size, light in quality, simple in structure, convenient in installation and low in price. It is often used in small power occasions.
2, the transmission torque is large, and in the same torque, most of the rotary diameter is smaller than the tooth coupling, and it can partly replace the tooth coupling.
3, the inertia force is small, it is suitable for two axis connection with little torque, high speed and no sharp impact. The transmission torque of nylon slider is small, but it is more suitable for high-speed operation without lubrication.

Name of transmission partwater pump coupling
Series of Normex couplingsNM 50, NM 67, NM 82, NM 97, NM 112, NM 128, NM 148, NM 168, NM 194, NM 214, NM 240, NM 265, NM 295, NM 330, NM 370, NM 415, NM 480, NM 575.
Materialcast iron GG25
Bore typepilot bore, finished bore
Surface finishphosphate coated.
Product structureit is composed of two cast iron claws and a natural rubber inner ring
Suitable shaft diameter7mm-75mm
Suitable motor powerwithin 60hp / 45KW

1. The maximum torque is 125kgm
2. Stable operation and low noise
3. The product is made of cast iron and cast by precision die casting, so it is not easy to cause fracture during operation

Q:聽Why do we choose your company?
A: Quality is the soul of an enterprise. We can provide you with good-quality one way clutches also with good price.
Q:聽What is the delivery time?
A: For small quality or samll size of clutches, we can deliver upon receiving advance.
聽 聽 聽For large quantity or large size, we have to produce 10-15 working days.
Q: Can you supply with sample clutch?
聽 聽 聽Of course! We can provide with a sample to your checking quality.
Q:聽What is the warranty period of the clutches?
聽 聽 聽One-year聽Guarantee.