Customized Allylpalladium Chloride Dimer 
Kaili Catalyst & New Materials Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company controlled by Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research, with a registered capital of RMB 70 million, more than 200 employees as well as more than 200 sets of equipment. It is mainly engaged in research, development and production of noble metal catalysts, precious metal compounds, precious metal powders, precious metal recovery and catalytic reaction technologies. With thirty-year development, the company has researched and developed several hundred kinds of noble metal catalysts such as platinum on carbon, palladium on carbon, ruthenium on carbon, rhodium on carbon, precious metal compounds and other noble metal catalysts. It is a manufacturer, so from the perspective of stable supply and price,it has strong competitiveness and is capable to give customers the best product with favorable price.
With a research and development building of 6000 Square meters and a production workshop of more than 12,000 square meters, the company occupies 50 acres in the Economic Development Zone of Xi'an,  In Tongchuan and Economic Development Zone, another more than 66666 Square meters of land was acquired, and a recycling and processing subsidiary was established. Since the establishment of Kaili, we have researched and developed activated carbon loading, oxide loading, organic-loaded precious metal catalysts, homogeneous catalysts, chiral catalysts, special catalysts, etc., and more than one hundred catalytic synthesis / reaction process technologies. Products are widely used in military, pharmaceutical, pesticide, pigment, fuel, food, liquid crystal, environmental protection, new energy and other fields and exported to the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other regions. Kaili catalyst has become the largest and technically strongest enterprise specialized in metal catalyst and catalytic technology research and development and production .Customized Allylpalladium Chloride Dimer