Slip-on Flanges factory  Sliding flange is also called loose flange
The loose flange is to use flanging, steel ring, etc. to put the flange on the pipe end, and the flange can move on the pipe end. The steel ring or flange is the sealing surface, and the function of the flange is to compress them.
It can be seen that the loose flange is not in contact with the medium due to being blocked by the steel ring or flanging.
Sliding flanges are suitable for the connection of steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and stainless acid-resistant steel containers and corrosion-resistant pipelines.
Loose flanges are movable flanges, which are generally matched to water supply and drainage fittings (the most common on expansion joints). When the manufacturer leaves the factory, there are flanges at both ends of the expansion joints, which are directly connected to the pipelines and equipment in the project. Connect with bolts.
It's the kind of flange with a looper.
Generally used on pipes, in that case, loosening the bolts can rotate the pipes on both sides, and then tighten them. The pipes can be easily disassembled. Loose flanges are also called loose flanges.
What is the purpose of a raised face flange?
The raised surface is designed to reduce the surface area of the seal, thereby concentrating the surface pressure exerted by the flange mating. The result is a stronger seal. The convex surface has a machined serrated surface that bites into the washer whenever pressure is applied.Slip-on Flanges factory