Scaffolding Steel Planks  Those scaffolding walk boards are made of steel Q195 and Q235 with聽 wide 210mm,240mm,250mm and 300mm.Steel walk boards have a perforated surface that lets water pass through while still giving users enough grip. Topstar Scaffolding walk boards boast unparalled strength and saftety while remaining highly cost effective.They are tough ,long lasting ,lightweight and widely used in construction field. Those walk boards are compliant with BS1139, EN12811 and can be inspected by any third party organization.聽
Product Details
Scaffolding Walk Boards
Surface:Pre-galvanized;Hop Dip Galvanized;Black
Standard:BS EN 12811-1;EN1004:2004
CertificateISO,SGS,BV TUV
Available Size

Advantages of Topstar Scaffolding plank /board 锛?/span>
1.Anti-Skid Perforated dimple tread design minimizes accidents inslippery conditions
2. Strengthening rib plates are installed in the middle to increase compressive strength.
3. The bottom of the distinctive sand leaking holes has anti-sand accumulation points, and the surface groove has non-slip holes.
4. Load Caring Capacity is highercompare to its Self-weight
5. Consistent strength. Plank load is not signifificantly affffected byweather conditions

Material Rolled --- Punching--Bending ---Cutting-----Welding

Construction, Petrochemical, Marine, Oil & Gas, Insulation

Project Examples:
In Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and other nations, Topstar Scaffolding has participated in scaffolding project cases.
Vietnam :Long Son Petrochemicals Complex Porject ,
Steel Planks锛?50*50*1.2 with length from 1m to 4m 150 tons.
Hot Dip Galvanized pipes锛?8.3*3.2*6000mm 100 tons
BS1139 couplers 50 tons.
Vietnam: Goverment Ringlock Project
Scaffolding Ringlock :300 tons Standard 48.3*3.0mm with 100 tons Ledger 42*2.5mm
Singapore: Afton Chemicals Expansion Project
Scaffolding planks 240*45*1.2mm with length from 1m to 3m:100 tons
Hot Dip Galvanized steel pipe 48.6*2.4*6000mm 200 tons;
JIS Couplers:100 tons

United Arab Emirates :Gulf Arena Construction Projects
Steel Board 225*38*1.5mm with length 1m ,2m and 3m total 200 tons.
Base Jack and Uhead 38*600mm 100 tons

Q1.How wide scaffolding planks?
Southeast Asian steel plank :210mm,240mm,250mm,300mm
the Midlle East steel plank: 225mm,250mm and 300mm
American and Canada steel plank: 228mm
Aluminium plank/walkboard/plywood deck:19inch and 19.25inch

Q2.How to inspect scaffolding plank quality?
We have a complete quality management system.
Our quality inspection department tests planks maximum load,concentrated load,uniformly distributed load,load deflection at midspan point.

Q3.What other scaffolding products you provide?
Ringlock scaffolding system(ringlock and octagon )
Frame scaffolding systems(Mason frame and walk-thru frame)
Steel planks and aluminium planks
Galvanized pipes and black pipes
Base jack and steel props
Forged couplers and pressed couplers
聽Scaffolding Steel Planks