CAT5 Cable manufacturers  Basic information of product
Standard: EIA/TIA 568B.2, ISO/IEC 11801, UL444
Conductor material: Bare copper
Insulation material: PE, RoHS compliant
Number of conductor: 4~25 pairs
Separator: NO
Jacket Material: PVC, RoHS compliant, LSZH ( Option of CMP, CMR)
Package: 305 meters per box or as per requirement 锛?05m/reel, size: 桅365mm x H255mm锛?/p>
Structure of product
Number of pair4~25 pairs
Diameter of conductor锛坢m锛?/p>0.58卤0.02
Bare copper/Tinned copperSolid, Bare copper
InsulationInsulation materialHDPE, RoHS compliant
Outer diameter锛坢m锛?/p>1.45 ( 0.0571 in )
Color codeWhite/Blue Stripe & Blue,
White/Orange Stripe & Orange
White/Green Stripe & Green
White/Brown Stripe & Brown
ShieldOuter shieldYes (Alum+poly, 100% coverage)
Drain wireYes (24AWG, Tinned copper)
JacketJacket materialPVC, LSZH, Flame retardant, RoHS compliant
Cable diameter锛坢m锛?/p>5.97mm 卤0.2mm ( 0.235 in ) of 4P
Color of jacketOption
Electrical Characteristics
Max. Conductor DCR (+20鈩?9.38 惟/100m
Max. Pair DCR unbalance (+20鈩?鈮?2%
Max. Capacitance unbalance330 pF/100m
Dielectric strength, DC, 2SBetween conductor: 2.5 KV
Min. Insulation resistance (+20鈩? DC100V-500VBetween conductor: 鈮?000 M惟.Km
Max. Delay Skew45 ns/100m (100MHz)
UL Voltage rating300V
High Frequency
FrequencyMax./Min. Input
ImpedanceMax. Insertion Loss (20鈩?Min. RL (Return
Max. Phase delay
Max. Delay skew
4100 卤15423.051.360.355.853.855245
8100 卤155.724.553.855.849.747.754745
10100 卤156.425.055.354.347.845.854545
16100 卤158.
20100 卤159.125.050.849.841.839.854245
25100 卤1510.224.349.348.339.837.854145
31.25100 卤1511.423.647.946.937.935.954045
62.5100 卤1516.425.043.442.431.929.953945
100100 卤152121.540.339.327.825.853845
200100 卤2230.420.135.834.821.819.853745
Mechanical Characteristics
Operating temperature-20掳C~75掳C
Max. Pull tension25 lbs (11 kg) for 4P
Min. Bend radius (Stationary)57.2mm (2.25 in ) for 4P
Min. Bend radius (Installation)66.9mm (2.75 in) for 4P
Suitable Application
Premise Horizontal Cable, Ethernet 1000BASE-T, Ethernet 100BASE-TX, Ethernet 10BASE-T, PoE++, PoE+, PoE , Noisy EnvironmentsCAT5 Cable manufacturers