China Capacitor manufacturers  CBB 65 Capacitor


Products are applied to all kinds of AC single-motors, such as water pumps, AC motor, washing machines, cleaning machines, house power motors, HID lighting

Technical Data

Rated Capacitance: 1-180uF
Rated Voltage: 250VAC~450VAC
Rated Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Capacitance Tolerance: 卤5%
Climate Type: 40/70/21; 25/85/21; 40/85/21
Loss Tangent: tg未鈮?.002 (100Hz, 20鈩?
Testing Voltage (T-T): 2Un, 2s (routine test) without breakdown
Testing Voltage (T-C): 1000VAC+2Un, 2s (routines test) without breakdown
Life Class: Class B; C
Voluntary Standards: GBT3667.1, EN60252, IEC60252.1, UL810

Product Benefits

CBB 65 Capacitor with Low dissipation, high insulation resistance, good self-healing character, anti-striking
current, strong over-carrier capacity and steady electric performance
All sizes can be produced according to customer's request
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