Wholesale Wire Rods  Wire rod is a long steel semi-finished product manufactured by hot rolling billets on continuous rolling mills. It has a round cross-section and is wound up in coils.
High-strength prestressed steel wire is an economical and efficient steel material with high tensile strength and yield strength, good plasticity, and low relaxation performance. It is widely used in the construction of cement products, bridges, nuclear power plants, high-rise long-span buildings, and highways. With the development of my country's prestressing industry, 82B wire rod is used as a raw material for the production of high-strength prestressing steel wire, and its production and use have attracted more and more attention.

gradesC content data
Low CarbonC content 鈮?0.15 %
Medium CarbonLow grade; includes 0.15% < carbon content 鈮?0.23%High grades; includes 0.23% < carbon content 鈮?0.44%
High CarbonC content > 0.44 %


There are many varieties of wire rods. Low-carbon steel wire rods in carbon steel wire rods are commonly called soft wires, and medium and high carbon steel wire rods are commonly called hard wires. Wire rods are mainly used as blanks for wire drawing, and can also be directly used as building materials and processed into mechanical parts. Stainless steel wire rod is used to manufacture stainless steel wire, stainless steel spring steel wire, stainless steel forging steel wire and steel wire for stainless steel wire rope. With the advancement of production technology, square


---General Engineering purposes (Automobile and Machines Parts, like screw, Fasteners, Bush, Spline, Socket, Connecting Rod, Shaft, Gear, Quarter, Nails, Rivets, etc.)
---Binding wires, GI wires, HB, HHB, nails, U bolt, J Bolt etc.
---for manufacturing welding electrodes

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