Epoxy Resin for Crystal Glue factory  Product Description

product APPLICATION锛欵poxy resin used in anticorrosive coatings for ships, containers, construction machinery, coil steel, etc

Packing Specification

Packed In Plastic Box , 20kg/drum-240kg/drum

Implementation Standard
GB/T23331-2012//ISO50001:2011//RB/T 114-2014

Parameter Comparison Table
CodeAppearanceEpoxy equivalent锛?/strong>g/Eq锛?/strong>Epoxide number锛?/strong>eq/100g锛?Softening point锛堚剝锛?/strong>Viscosity
(25鈩?/strong>)Hydrolysis chloride %鈮わ級 Total chloried锛?/strong>%锛?Volatile matter锛?/strong>%鈮わ級 (Color) Gardner锛冣墹
YPE-128Transparent liquid, no obvious impurities184~1940.515~0.543鈥?/p> 11000~150000.03鈥?/p> 0.51
YPE-128PTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities186~1900.526~0.538鈥?/p> 12000~140000.030.08~0.180.51
YPE-128HTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities184~1940.515~0.543鈥?/p> 15000~200000.03鈥?/p> 0.51
YPE-128RTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities184~1940.515~0.543鈥?/p> 12000~160000.4鈥?/p> 0.51
YPE-128HGTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities190~2100.476~0.526鈥?/p> 15000~300000.03鈥?/p> 0.51

1, Epoxy resin crystal drops, low viscosity, appropriate leveling, true defoaming performance;
2, Can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, curing pace is moderate;
3. Good transparency, excessive hardness, clean surface, bright, no bubbles, sturdy adhesion;
4. The cured fabric has exact solvent resistance, anti-invective and yellowing resistance.

Epoxy resin crystal glue is appropriate for belt buckle, drawer handles, handles, photograph frames, badges, signs, keys, faux enamel and different crafts after grinding glue drops; Other merchandise such as marble, handicrafts, ceramics, hardware, plastics, electronics, timber and different merchandise of the floor of the drop glue and polishing.


Can you do our personal packaging?
A: Yes, you simply grant the package deal format and we will produce what you want. We additionally have the expert clothier can assist you do the packaging design.

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A: Now we have extra than 1,000 products. We have a robust gain of OEM, simply provide us the real merchandise or your concept that you want, we will manufacture for you.

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