China Aerial Order Picker  Semi electric aerial stock picker can complete all actions such as lifting, forward and backward. It is suitable for single-person operation, mainly used for high-altitude operations in electric power, communication, airports, exhibition centers, hotels, supermarkets, factories, stations, docks, subway stations and other places.

Specification model parameter table:

Unit of length锛歮m
safe working load 锛坘g锛?/p> 300300300300
Maximum number of workers1111
working height 锛坢锛?/p> 4.75.766.5
platform height锛坢锛?/p> 2.73.744.5
Overall length锛坢锛?/p> 1.531.531.571.57
Machine width锛坢锛?/p> 980980980980
Overall height锛坢锛?/p> 2.062.412.022.26
Working platform size锛坢m锛?/p> 710脳800710脳800710脳800710脳800
Minimum ground clearance锛坢m锛?/p> 80808080
Lifting motor锛坘w锛?/p> 24/2.224/2.224/2.224/2.2
Ascent / descent speed锛坰锛?/p> 18/1722/1920/1620/17
storage battery锛圴/Ah锛?/p> 12/10012/10012/10012/100
Charger 锛圴/A锛?/p> 14/1512/1512/1512/15
rear wheel锛坢m锛?/p> 桅150脳50桅150脳50桅150脳50桅150脳50China Aerial Order Picker