Industrial Phosphate manufacturers  Model No. 7681-57-4
Appearance Powder
Grade Standard Industrial Grade
National Standard GB1893-2008
Molecular Formula Na2s2o5
Synonyms Sodium Metabisulphite
Transport Package 25kg/1000kg/1200kg/1250kg/1300kg/1350kgBags
Specification HG/T2826-2008
Origin China
HS Code 2832100000
Production Capacity 800000ton/Year, 80000Ton / Year

At present, it is used in the processing and preservation of light-colored vegetables in my country, such as mushrooms, lotus root, water chestnut, white asparagus, yam and other products. Sodium metabisulfite solution is often used for color protection. Of course, there are some differences in the process of each factory. For example, in the processing of canned mushrooms, fresh mushrooms are soaked twice in an aqueous solution containing 0.03 g/kg sodium metabisulfite for 1-2 minutes each time.
ItemFood GradeIndustry Grade
Purity ( As Na2S2O5)98.0% min96.0% min
Sulfur Dioxide( SO2)65.0% min65.0% min
Arsenic ( As )0.0002% max-
Heavy metals ( As Pb )0.0005% max-
Selenium (Se )0.0005% max-
Iron (Fe)0.001% max0.002% max
Water insoluble0.02% max0.05% max
PH value4.0-4.84.0-4.8
In the biscuit industry, sodium metabisulfite is used as a biscuit dough improver. Prepared as a 20% solution prior to use, added to immature dough in stages during dough preparation. Since the sulfur dioxide released by sodium metabisulfite during dough preparation will reduce the gluten strength of the dough, when the gluten strength and toughness of the flour are large, a small amount of addition can prevent the finished biscuits from being deformed due to excessive gluten strength. Hard dough can be added according to the strength of the flour, but it is generally not used for crisp dough with a high oil-to-sugar ratio. This is because the addition of oil and sugar itself prevents the gluten protein from swelling with water, thereby preventing the formation of large amounts of gluten. No further addition of sodium metabisulfite was required.

Physicochemical properties
White or slightly yellow crystal, soluble in water, the aqueous solution is acidic. In addition, it is also soluble in glycerol and slightly soluble in ethanol. It is easily oxidized to sodium sulfate in the air. Moisture easily decomposes, and the melting point is 150 掳 C. It reacts chemically with strong acid and generates sulfur dioxide and corresponding salts.Industrial Phosphate manufacturers