Electric fireplaces are the perfect replacement for traditional wood-burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces. Installation is easy and clean environment-friendly, no hazardous wood chopping or chimney cleaning is required.

The wall-mountable electric fires are the future of the fireplace industry. It's not only a protected, clean and economical addition for cozy up-room environment, but it also elevates any decor in your home.

You can install these Wall Mounted Electric Fires into your wall, and you can add them to your interior place without any headache. You can also use this in any room because it is not bulky and heavy.

With this type of wall Mounted Electric Fires, you don't need to worry about the chimney or about the smoke coming out of the fireplace. You can easily turn it off when you want to use it.

An electric fireplace in Ireland is a great way to bring different models as your room size and shape, perfectly install in your room at a very affordable and with added price benefits.

Wall Mounted Electric Fires serve warmth, ambience and light into your home. We have several models you may choose from it to warm your home this season.

Our stylish fireplace can mount on your wall, so no extra spaces are needed to use these fireplace units.

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