Insulating Glass Production Line price  technical parameters
Cleaning speed1.2-5m/min
Thickness of cleaning glass3-12mm
Minimum glass size200脳200mm
Maximum glass size1460*2000mm/1560*2000mm/1760*2000mm
Power supply380V 50HZ
Total power8.5KW

Equipment characteristics
1. Can realize frequency conversion speed regulation
2. The cleaning area and waterway system are all made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials, durable
3. The core part is divided into cleaning room, water absorption room and drying room, cleaning and drying effect is good
4. The drying section adopts sponge roller water absorption, hot air drying technology, good drying effect
5. The transmission system of the cleaning machine adopts stepless speed regulation to realize the efficient application of the cleaning machine
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