wholesale Electric Concrete Pump  Introduction
The concrete turbosol pump is a machine specially developed for concrete transportation construction. It can effectively complete the construction of fine-grained concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in the floor heating project, and is also widely used in construction, tunnel, mine and other projects. This pump can be transported and poured horizontally and vertically.
Its basic principle of the concrete turbosol pump聽is that the motor drives the oil pump to drive the oil cylinder again, and the piston rod drives the piston to push the concrete into the delivery pipeline. The sequential action between the distribution valve and the main cylinder enables the concrete to be continuously sucked into the earth cylinder from the hopper and transported.
The聽concrete turbosol pump can be used together with spray accessories for spraying, spray, etc. It is equipped with an intelligent control panel, which can quickly realize various functions and is easier to operate. The pump adopts an enhanced air cooling system, which greatly improves the heat dissipation effect and makes the equipment operate more safely. Its outlet adopts alloy drilling and welding, which is more wear-resistant.

Maximum theoretical deliverym鲁/h23406080
Maximum outlet pressureMpa8131313-16
Maximum theoretical transport distancem100/300200/800240/1100240/1100
Motor Powerkw22559090-110
Feeding heightmm1200120013501350
Pumpable concrete maximum particle sizemm鈮?0鈮?0鈮?0鈮?0
Most suitable for pumping concrete slumpcm15-2315-2315-2315-23
Duct inner diametermm桅125桅125桅125桅125
Host weightKg1900340050005600
length * width * heightmm3300*1600*18004300*1600*18005500*1800*20005800*1800*2000

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