Wholesale Seismic Bracing  Hebei Qierjie New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd, professional manufacturer for Seismic Bracing products, Tightening Bolt 8.8 Grade, the main parts for seismic bracing project during building construction installation.
Bolts for construction and exterior building applications, these bolts are often used to join I-beams and scaffolding. Bolts are strong enough to stand up to the sideways forces of joints. Usually made of grade 8.8 grade steel, these bolts are at least 25% stronger than our medium-strength steel heavy hex head bolts.
Steel structure bolt is mainly used in steel structure engineering, which is used to connect the connecting points of steel structure plate.
Steel structure bolts are divided into torsional shear type high-strength bolts and large hexagonal high-strength bolts. Large hexagonal high-strength bolts belong to the high strength level of ordinary screws, while torsional shear type high-strength bolts are the improved type of large hexagonal high-strength bolts, in order to better construction.
Seismic support is a variety of components or devices that limit the displacement of the attached mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, control the vibration of the facilities, and transfer the load to the bearing structure. The seismic support should give reliable protection to the building mechanical and electrical engineering facilities in the earthquake and withstand the earthquake from any horizontal direction; Seismic support should be checked according to its load; All components of the seismic support shall be finished components, and the components connected with fasteners shall be easy to install; The limit of the anti-seismic support of the insulation pipeline should be designed in accordance with the size of the pipeline after insulation, and should not limit the displacement of the pipeline caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction.
After seismic reinforcement of building water supply and drainage, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, electricity, communications and other mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, when encountered in the region of seismic fortification intensity of the earthquake, can achieve the reduction of earthquake damage, reduce and as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, so as to reduce casualties and property losses.

Product Name:Tightening Bolt 8.8 Grade
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Application:Building structures, such as Bridges, steel rails, etc
Product Features:High strength bolt is a bolt that has not been deformed or broken due to strong pressure applied to it in advance, or it can be understood as a bolt made of high strength steel. The most obvious difference between high-strength bolt and ordinary bolt is that it can withstand super external pressure, and is not easy to deformation, break.
Surface Treatment:Hot-dipped Galvanized, or As Requested
Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Grade:8.8, or As Requested
Wholesale Seismic Bracing