Intraoral Scan Pricelist  Designing a full contour zirconia in software requires a few steps. First, the desired shape and size of the zirconia should be determined. Then, the software should be used to create a 3D model of the zirconia. This model can then be customized with the desired colors and textures. Once the model is complete, the software should be used to convert it into a file format that can be used with a milling machine. Finally, the file should be sent to the milling machine where it will be milled and polished to create a finished product.

Designing full contour zirconia with CAD/CAM software offers several advantages over traditional hand-crafted techniques
1. Design Zirconia Full Contour, the design process is much faster and more accurate. This allows for the production of a custom crown that is aesthetically pleasing and meets the highest standards of fit and function.
2. It also allows for greater control over the design process, allowing the dentist to adjust the shape and design of the crown to meet the specific needs of the patient.
3. It allows for the production of multiple crowns at once, which can save time and money for dental practices.
4. It offers a greater degree of precision and accuracy, resulting in a crown that fits perfectly and looks natural.
5. Design accuracy: It in software allows for greater precision and accuracy in the design. The ability to adjust the angle and shape of the restoration with greater accuracy ensures a better fit for the patient.
6. It Improved aesthetics: Full contour zirconia in software provides more realistic and natural looking aesthetics for the restoration. The software allows for greater control in the design and can provide a more lifelike appearance.
7. Better patient comfort: it is possible to create a more comfortable fit for the patient. The software allows for greater control in the design, which helps ensure a better fit.
8. Increased efficiency: It allows for increased efficiency in the design and production process. The software allows for faster design and production times, resulting in quicker turnaround times for the patient.

In-Lab Time 3-4 Days
Professional technical team
QC check each step

Problem case has professional customer service team to communicate in time
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