3 Wheel Electric Bike with Sidecar factory 
For more than 80 years, FOREVER has successively won: "One of China's Top Ten Famous Brands", "China's Famous Brand Products", "China Time-honored Brand", "Shanghai Famous Trademark", "Shanghai Famous Brand Products", "Top Ten in China's Bicycle Industry Enterprise", "China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises" and other more honors.
Until now, “ FOREVER” dealer reached 7000 in China.
“FOREVER” is ranking of China's time-honored brands rate to 11th, with a brand value of 4.008 billion!
Diversified products, including bicycles, electric vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, baby carriages, cover all groups from children, youth, adults to the elderly, and solve the transportation needs and travel safety issues of all ages.
We emphasize importance to the inheritance of the brand. Since its establishment in 1940 for 80 years, we always focus on the quality and customer reputation, and the permanent brand has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Everybody In China knows: CHOOSE FOREVER, CHOOSE SAFETY.

As the TOP one bicycle brand in China, Forever has experienced 80 years of baptism and growth.3 Wheel Electric Bike with Sidecar factory