China Washing Machine Hose factory  Product Description

Ningbo Yowin Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd is specializd in production of various stainless steel corrugated hoses, braided hoses and shower hose more than 10 years.
This model of washing machine pipe filter,the function is to use the water flow completely through the filter screen, filter the water flow of clothing debris, paper, cotton wool and other debris, in order to maintain the water quality, and not because of various debris blocked the outlet hole and drainage pipe.
The filter screen plays the role of filtering suspended fibers. During the laundry process, the fibers of many garments fall off the garments, and without a filter, it is easy to jam the drain valve. For this reason, this washing machine pipe filter was designed. It should be noted that the the pipe filter needs to be cleaned regularly.
The cleaning method is very simple. Take off the filter, remove the dirt, and then it can be reset and installed after water washing. If the filter is loaded above the washing machine bucket, it can be installed in place by pressing down on the right and left slots. The leaning method: If the filter is above the inner bucket of the washing machine, hold the slot of the filter net with your hand, pull it up and remove it. Take out the line scraps in the filter net of the washing machine, and then rinse the filter net of the washing machine with water.
China Washing Machine Hose factory