Faucet Filter suppliers  Product Description
PP tap water faucet filter element is a micron-level multi-layer filter device, which can effectively remove rust, sediment, tiny particles, residual fluorine, purify water quality, and drink healthy water.
Product NamePP Tap Water Faucet Filter Element for Kitchen and Bathroom
MaterialPP cotton
Size20*30*30mm or 20*17*42mm(Support customization)
FeaturesMulti-stage filtration, food-grade material, easy installation, replaceable filter element.
FunctionRemove residual fluorine, pressurized splash-proof, 360-degree rotation
BenefitIt can filter harmful substances such as large particles of water quality, sediment, jelly, red worms, etc., to improve water quality and healthy drinking water.
Replacement CycleUsually 1-2 months, you can decide whether to replace according to the actual water consumption.
Mini Oder Quality2000pcs
Working Principle
Filter impurities/reduce fungal hazards/purify water quality/ intercept metals, filter stones can be added inside the filter cartridge for further filtration.
Replace Instruction
As the PP tap water faucet filter element belongs to the first-stage filter cartridge, most of the impurities will be filtered out, and the longer the use time, the easier it is to block; the service life will be shorter in places with poor water quality, so please replace the filter cartridge in time.
Product Advantages
Packaging and Shipping
Packing: Blister packing, box, PE bag.
Delivery Time: 15-35 days, it depends on customer order quality.Faucet Filter suppliers