Silicone Textile Auxiliary manufacturers  Super Fluffy Amino Silicone Oil SS-8438
Super Fluffy AminoSilicone Oil SS-8438 is a kind of linear amino-modified polysiloxane.
1. Applied to polyester, T/C and cotton/nylon
2. Super fluffy and elastic feeling
3. Tiny effects on brightness, color light and color fastness
4. Good stability after emulsifying, easy to use, no sticky to roller
[Basic Character]
Appearance: colorless to tiny yellow transparent liquid
Ionic: weak cationic
Ammonia value: 0.28~0.35mmol/g
Viscosity: 4500~6500mPa 銉?s
Solid Content: 88銆?0% (105掳C, 3h)
Soft finishing for cotton, hemp and its blended fabric.
[Usage amount for reference]
SS-8438 diluted emulsion (20% solid content)
(1) Dipping Process: 1~5% (o.w.f)
鈶?Padding Process: 10銆?0g/l
ClassificationChemical Auxiliary Agent
Other NamesAmino Silicone Oil
Model NumberSS-8438
Product nameSuper Fluffy Amino Silicone Oil
Ionicweak cationic
Appearancecolorless to tiny yellow transparent liquid
Ammonia value0.28~0.35mmol/g
Viscosity4500~6500mPa s
Silicone content88 to 90% (105掳C, 3h)
ApplicationSoft finishing for cotton, hemp and its blended fabric.
Pakage50kg or 100kg plastic barrel
Storagecool and ventilated warehouseSilicone Textile Auxiliary manufacturers