Wholesale Drive In Rack  Product Details:
Cold Room Storage Racks is the most economical high density pallet rack system designed for high volume SKU鈥檚. Increase density by 75% over selective pallet rack. Maximize the space in your warehouse with drive in racking. It is closed at one end, allowing for last in, first out(LIFO) storage. Forklift enters the rack and picks pallets off the rails. It is available in up to 20 pallets deep by 4-7 pallets high.
Basic Parts As Below:
Product Parameters of Cold Room Storage Racks:
Frame 100*95*2.0mm/8000mm H*1100mmDRAL5015 blue
Link bar 1000mml 3pcs each levelRAL5015 blue
Single corbelRAL2004 orange
Two way corbelRAL2004 orange
Guide rail 3200mml*3.0mmt/1000kg/palletRAL2004 orange
Guide beam 1450mmlRAL2004 orange
Top beam 1450mmlRAL2004 orange
Top crossing wide 1100mm/high 1450mmRAL2004 orange
Back crossing wide 1450mm/high 1510mmRAL2004 orange
Guide crossingRAL2004 orange
Upright protector 900mmlRAL2004 orange
Floor rail (options)RAL2004 orange
The features of Cold Room Storage Racks:
1. Drive In Rack can be customized based on customer's requirements or pallet 鈥?size;
2. The most commonly used, of all storage systems for palletized goods;
3. Can be designed into two layers or multi-layers according to actual situation;
4. Appearance is the Electro Static Dusting Spray;
5. Suitable for storing metal components and widely used in the manufacturing industry and cold room;
Production Flow:
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